Family Parameters

I think, therefore I need silence. What? See, family means more than one, sometimes lots more. Each one who is added to the group ups the noise level. I remember when we had three kids in our house under ten. Someone always had something to say, or yell, or cry, or laugh. That is so good. Let it all hang out, I say. Rejoice in the cacophony. Thank You, Lord.

However, all us lunatics need a time out. A time when the only intrusion is a bird singing or the whistle of a distant train. Me and my old man, not the one I used to be, but Bake, my loyal spouse, made a deal. One Saturday a month was his to go be whoever he wanted, and one Saturday a month was mine in the same vein. Do you know how much better a mom I was because of that? People told me I was so patient. Well yeah, because I’ve been out looking at the fox holes in Del Puerto Canyon or down at the library with no goal except floating among the authors and knowledge. I came home empty and full, if you can get that, and opened my arms to those big and little people who depended upon me for love and guidance.

Just a thought. Enjoy your fam!


Now that Nellie is busy impressing an agent, I will start my quest for fiction. I want to make something up, something that matters. Step one is to relisten to Angela Hunt’s tapes from Mt. Hermon. Once they get me rolling, step 2 is to apply Donald Maas’ lessons to what I write.¬† My school¬†kids asked me to write about a family that stays together. I thought that was interesting because even kids know that keeping marriages together is important. I smell popcorn – better go see if I can mooch some.