Seascape Saga Adds Second Novel!

I apologize for my long absence—I’ve been writing a novel.

Jane Carlile Baker

Rogue Wave published in 2019, and readers have clamored to know since they finished reading it what happens next to the O’Sullivan family. Good news! Rogue Irishman will join Rogue Wave November 13, 2023. It will be available for preorder on Amazon shortly.

Now I’ll bet you’re asking, “So what’s it about?” And the answer is:

International negotiator Quinn O’Sullivan planned a grand tour of Ireland for his daughter’s high school graduation gift. He’s excited to show her the beauty of Ireland and the joy of the Irish, and to find the roots of his immigrant grandparents. She’s excited to find an Irish Sport Horse to add to the line of Morgans at Seascape, their family’s ranch.

Days before they leave, Great-Uncle Seamus asks Quinn to lend his expertise to a committee working to reunify Ireland. Then the Mexican cartel lieutenant married to the O’Sullivan’s nanny receives early release from prison and threatens to kill her. Can Quinn’s wife, a sea otter biologist, protect the ranch while Quinn’s in Ireland? When the cartel attacks Seascape, will Quinn turn to God for direction, or will he go on the offense himself, like before he became a believer?

Seamus’s storytelling will take you to the time of the Troubles. He inadvertently reveals long-held family secrets that shadow Quinn’s attempts to help negotiate Ireland’s reuniting. Where should Quinn turn when he realizes men with guns lurk about his sightseeing excursion with his daughter?

So, there you are. I invite you to go over to Amazon and preorder your copy.

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