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Rogue Wave: Book #1 Seascape Saga
Jane Carlile Baker

Bonnie O’Sullivan turns to put apples in her shopping cart to find her daughter, Fallon, smiling toothlessly–but her best friend’s daughter vanished. Disappeared into nothing, and never found.

Bonnie rescues sea otters as a biologist at Monterey Bay Aquarium, but her love of adventure doesn’t extend to her daughter as Fallon matures. Haunted by the kidnapping, Bonnie confines Fallon to Seascape, their ranch stronghold.  Red-headed Fallon responds by perfecting rebellion. Now a shadowed gunman has fired at Bonnie from a ridge on the ranch. Who is he? Why is he shooting at her?

Quinn, Bonnie’s ocean-hopping Irish husband, is no help. He easily dismisses Bonnie’s fears and believes it’s time to give their daughter more freedom. After the shooting, he and Fallon find a gold coin where the gunman stood on the ridge. What does it mean?

  • Does Graciela Castaneda, Fallon’s beloved nanny, have any part in the mysteries?
  • Will Fallon barrel race herself to freedom?
  • What will a courageous, but overprotective, mother risk to provide her daughter a safe harbor?

Rogue Wave, the first novel in the Seascape Saga, answers the question, “How do we find the courage to face fear?


Jane Baker cover3Toughnut Angel: The Tale of a Real-Life Adventuress of the Old West
Jane Carlile Baker

Born during Ireland’s Potato Famine in the 1800s, Nellie Cashman determined never to behave like the English, who cared only for money. In a time when women didn’t pursue adventure, this lass carved her own trail. The lady chose to mine and seek fortunes in the man’s world of Old West mining camps. She meant to make enough money never to be thrown from her home again, and to help the downtrodden around her. Witness Nellie’s finest hour braving Canadian blizzards for months to trickle lime juice into the bleeding mouths of mining friends dying of scurvy. Ask yourself, could you challenge the Apaches of Arizona Territory or the Gunfight at the OK Corral with five orphaned nieces and nephews in tow? Would you scale the infamous Alaskan Chilkoot Pass in the dead of winter at 53 years old? Or could you finish your life mining above the Arctic Circle, as Nellie did? What would drive a woman from family into the wilds of the Old West frontier?


Triumphs and TragediesTriumphs and Tragedies: Corregidor and Its Aftermath
Arthur B. Baker
as told to Jane Carlile Baker

Arthur B. Baker was a young Texan, born of cotton farmers, at the outset of World War II. Along with thousands of young men, he enlisted in the U.S. Army and was sent to Corregidor, Manilla Bay, the Philippines. Triumphs and Tragedies is Baker’s contribution, from hi sown experience as a POW, to America’s younger generations.


My Father's LoveMy Father’s Love
Jane Carlile Baker and Dr. Jim Talley

Ella’s daddy said he loved her, yet he let alcohol get in the way. Ella’s mom said she loved her, yet she treated her with disdain. Ella’s stepfather said he loved her, yet he swore her to silence about their “special” relationship.

With the help of her husband, a caring pastor and a similarly abused friend, Ella was able to replace these lies with the truth of God’s love. The truth that set her on the road to recovery.

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