About Jane

Jane has loved writing from the time she learned to hold a pencil. She became an author back in the seventies. Since then, she’s …

  • written and edited for a hospital public relations department
  • progressed from that pencil to personal computers
  • owned a public relations business
  • published newspaper and magazine articles
  • directed communications for a large church
  • led critique groups and writer’s workshops
  • taught children to write, and their teachers to teach them to write
  • served as teaching consultant for the National Writing Project.
  • written several biographies and novels

Jane also loves dogs and alpacas, gardening, swimming, reading, oil painting and her family that now includes great-grandchildren.

3 thoughts on “About Jane”

  1. Hi Jane, I am Elaine Standifer, Ron Standifer’s wife, Rois Standifer’s daughter-in-law. I have been searching all day to find your father-in-laws book about his experience in WWII. Through much searching, I have finally found it here on your website. However, I need 6 copies and PayPal will only let me purchase 1 at a time. I am wondering if I can order from you through this media and get all 6 of them sent together and pay shipping for just one package rather than for the 6 individual packages. Please advise at your earliest convenience. If I have to, I will order all seperately, but would prefer all together, if possible. Thanks for your help in this matter.

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