I Wish to Ramble

Sometimes before I can write, I have to get the cobwebs out. That’s actually what I started this blog for. So here it is Saturday morning, a whole weekend before me. I’ve already gotten the dishes and a load of wash out of the way. The dog is fed and I took some stuff out to the composter, checked the weather – windy and cool. I’m looking around me at the horse picture above my desk and the sea otters on top of it. (Next book.) The sun is streaming in the window over new African violets one of my kids at school gave me for Valentine’s Day. A so much better gift than chocolates. I love this room. I used to be in a nearless sunless room to write, not good. This is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it. I will also do my best not to waste the minutes. I believe the cobwebs are leaving, and I’ll see you later. Have a great weekend.

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