Hello, my name is Jane, and I am a completer of goals. (You reply: We love you, Jane).
I hate this time of year because it drives me into goal setting, what with New Year’s resolutions and all. I tend to race ahead of God setting them, then race ahead of him meeting them, all the while flagellating myself for not meeting them fast enough. I set aside caring for my health and my relationships to meet them. And on days like today I know that I am so tired that if I even try to meet them, I will fail from fatigue. This is starting to feel like a Psalm.
What is to be done? God told me to rest over Christmas break, and I have, a little. OK, a precious little. But today I must. I already have trips to Costco and Raleys planned, along with paying the bills for January – and yet I want to work on Nellie and I know I’m going to run out of hours.She just got back from therapy and I have a keen handle on what needs to be done. God is whispering that I have to remember to exercise and plan healthy eating. They come first. Maybe if I just do one small thing on Nellie, I could do it well. Father, could I do that? OK, please show me which one small thing. Yes, this definitely was a psalm. Isn’t God good?

4 thoughts on “Racing”

  1. I can definitely relate to this. When I have vacation from regular work I do work I didn't have time for. Wasn't the sermon this morning timely? Love you.

  2. Just came from 2 hours of work at school. Felt like I was rushing. Already rushing around but it's because I wanted to be home. I have learned to stay home a lot more than I ever used to. And of course I must get my exercise in. So remember these words: listen to what God is whispering because we want you in our lives for as long as we can have you. Exercise, relax, clear your mind and then write!! You're good at it!

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