I rested all the way through May, at least as far as writing here is concerned. But today I’m resting before I start my summer writing. So how do I rest? It’s not easy after the mad dashes of teaching. I keep refusing to think about the next thing I have to do.
I went out to a breakfast of oatmeal and sausages with Art. That’s resting. I think I’ll wash the dog, that will rest my nose. And have an avocado stuffed with tuna for lunch, and take my new Nook out to the swing and read before it gets real hot. Maybe I’ll paint this afternoon – that’s definitely rest. Then I’ll have a chicken breast with balsamci vinegar for dinner – that isn’t resting, but it’s really good. OK, I’m ready to rest now. Feel free to follow my example if you’re reading this.

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  1. Hey, I love the way yo define and do “resting.” The way I read my Bible, God made us to take one day in 7 to just rest. We're wired that way. So, probably after a year of teaching, you've missed enough 7th days of rest that you can still keep on resting –maybe all through the summer. Wouldn't that be glorious? Well, at lest for awhile, till you started itching to write again or whatever.
    God's been teaching me a lot about rest these past 2+ years that I've been struggling with cancer. I am learning to be lazy and my heart fibrillations have all but gone! Hmmm… Keep it up, lady– and take care of those yes while you're at it.
    This is Ethel, not ellen.

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