With all the concentration in the media on the pitiful antics of humans, it seems to me its time for a little concentration on our other, beautiful side. My friend, Barb, came over yesterday, and in the midst of our discussions she told me this story about her sister. Barb’s sister has Lou Gehrig’s disease and can no longer move anything but her eyes. She’s been confined to her home for the last six years, struggling even to breathe.
And yet, the Sacramento Valley Ambulance Company,
which transports the dear lady to the hospital for cleaning and renewal of the various appliances that keep her alive, had an idea for helping her regain a piece of her life.
So one recent evening, they came and got her as they always do, except not exactly. Along with her husband and daughter, they transported her to a  theatre in Sacramento where the play Mary Poppins was being performed. They had bought an entire row of tickets so that her bed wouldn’t inconvenience other play goers. Three of them stood by during the five hours of the play so that if she had a need, they could provide it.
They plan to do it again next year, and the year after that, and all the years to come until a cure is found for Lou Gehrig’s disease.
That’s beautiful.

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