Writers could be crazy?

Writers are never satisfied. Put it down for a while, pick it up again. Read it aloud to someone, and you are back in process, revising forever. It’s like a disease! And there is no cure.
Bake says there comes a time when you have to stick a fork in it and call it done. Well, I don’t know when that time might be.
Well, maybe after it’s a published piece. However, I’ve seen a lot of second, third, fourth, etc. editions. Isn’t that the writer back in process?
Of course, if you have to have a disease, revision is a pretty good one to pick. It doesn’t give you a fever, spots on your tongue, or immobilize you in any way. It lets you drink copious amounts of coffee, blurt astonishing comments whenever you want, and jump out of your chair, ranting, “I just can’t sit here another minute!”
OK, I’m rereading this to see whether it needs to be revised. Lord help me! I have to go garden now, it balances me. After that I’ll come back and revise the thriteenth chapter of Nellie for the umptiumpth time!

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