Nellie is in the air

The book I’ve been researching and writing for eight years, Nellie Cashman, Intrepid Angel, is on her way to an agent I met at Mt. Hermon Christian Writer’s Conference. I have heard that historical biographies are not the rage right now. So I am talking to God about her everytime I think about her. Nellie was an amazing woman, for her time or ours.
My daughters, their children and my students need to know what a woman can do when she follows God. Nellie’s story should be known by everyone. Some know it, but she could motivate so many more. I’ll just tell you one thing: she braved blizzards in the Canadian winter for two months climbing mountains to reach friends she’d left at Dease Lake who had come down with scurvy. She dug herself out of an avalanche during this time, and she made. All 75 miners lived. And that’s only part of the story.

Speak now or forever hold your piece!

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