I discovered there’s a new word among the younger set this week. Funny how things happen.

I’m a woman blessed with dutch legs, short and sturdy. Sometimes they come in handy, but they didn’t do much for a little girl who wanted to be a ballerina. Mom said, “You can’t be a ballerina, your legs are too thick.” So I took a few tap dancing lessons. Not my style. The end, well not exactly.

I was telling this story to a group of ladies at my church the other night, and one of them said, “You have it made.”

“I do?”

“Yes. The new word for really great, terrific, awesome, is thicccc, and the more cccs you put on the end, the better it is.” She wrote it on a 3×5 for me, and I have posted it on the mirror.  I am thicccc, and I’ve come a long way, baby.


New beginnings

This year started with the one and only 1/1/11. Now if that’s not a new beginning, I don’t know what is. However, how does one make a new beginning with the same old self?
One doesn’t. The only way to make a new beginning is to connect to the Creator, over and over again. So I don’t need 1/1/11. I just need to pay attention. When I worry, it’s time to pray. When I weigh too much, it’s time to ask the One who loves me more than I can even understand to help me make good food choices and have fun when I exercise that day. When I realize I miss him, it’s time to set a new habit. What changed since we were talking regularly? Where do I need to put the new habit schedule-wise. When I don’t have enough time, I need to ask him to show me the priorities, and then say the no’s. When I’m focused more on goals than relationships, I need to ask him to interrupt my mad dashing. And so on and so on. New Years Resolutions don’t work, but connecting with the Creator does.