Dealing With Sexually Abused People

It irritates me to death when someone tells a person who was abused as a kid, or even as an adult, that they shouldn’t see a therapist, or they should put it behind them, or why can’t they just get on with their lives. That’s like telling someone who has been hit by a car, or run over by a tractor, or fallen out of a tenth story window, to put a bandaid on it and get going. So, now that I’ve said that, here’s another thought.

People who have been abused cannot hide it in the back of their brain and get on with their lives. Abuse sneaks out from under the door of the brain closet and infiltrates every part of a life. Therefor, A) Whether you are the person who was abused, or someone who knows or loves them, recognize that there is a healing process, and the sooner you get started the less life you waste. B) Dwelling on what happened to you is not the healing process, working through the issues of trust, boundaries, forgiveness, self-image, etc. are the healing process. Finally, you will probably find that under what was bothering you there is something else bothering you kind of like peeling an onion. However, the process of dealing with each layer will make you or your friend or loved one healthier all the time.

Finally, for today, Jesus understands abused people better than anyone. He experienced it, and He’s God. No matter how smart or wise or cool we think we are, He’s got the corner on that market. He was there when abuse happened to us, allowed it, because He can see down the road to the end that turns out to be positive, though we couldn’t see it before. Applying the principles He taught us will help anyone. But talking to Him about you and your situation, abuse-related or not, is real life, true healing. It’s walking off a cliff to trust Him, but anyone who steps out there will find Him waiting to catch you.

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