OK, the old lady is headed for the food warehouse, and then Revolution comes out! It is not fair! Now I have to worry about electricity and militia! Not only that, but my daughter points out that if the electricity stops, the nuclear power plants won’t be able to cool what’s supposed to be cooled, so, like, who cares if we have food! You can’t eat if you’re blown to smithereens! It’s a plot, I tell you, to twirl our heads 360 worrying about every dang thing. Puff, puff! Puff!

Nope. I refuse. I am not going to figure out how to live without electricity. Not even a thought. Well, people did, once. Couldn’t we just turn off the nuclear power plants. There must be a switch, right? They wouldn’t create it with no “off” switch, would they? Inner voice: You are thinking about how to live without electricty, aren’t you?

Well, it kind of takes me back. I can almost remember when we didn’t have a tv. Bake can. He’s a few years older than me, yknow. I remember how when we turned our first one on, it took a while to warm up and then you saw this snow stuff, and a funny looking wheel and numbers. But then you saw … Mr. Moon. I loved Mr. Moon. And later I loved Davy Crockett and Lassie and Leave It to Beaver and Bonanza and … But I digress. Bake says they used to sit out on the front porch and play guitars and sing before they had tv. I would like to do that, a lot.

I bet people had bigger muscles before electricity because you had to crank a can opener and the washing machine to get the water out of your clothes. You had to walk or saddle or hitch up the horse if you were headed somewhere. I bet you kind of thought about it before you decided to take a trip to the coast, because it was a major investment of time, muscles, and money.

Course, I couldn’t be typing this to send all over the place if there weren’t electricty. But wait, what if instead of the research into electricity, some scientist researched how to harness the power of the sun, and  holy cow, I may be teaching that scientist in my third grade class, this very year! I bet it’s … ah, you thought you had me there, that I would say the name of a student, but I am well trained not to do that. So you’ll just have to wait and see who makes it all run on solar power.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking today. Enjoy your weekend.

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