95 Theses on the U.S. Government Draft

There aren’t 95 yet, this is a work in progress, if you would like to help, comment. I reserve right of refusal, of course.
Ninety–five Theses

Jane Carlile Baker

·         The United States government will collect no more than 10% of a wage earner’s gross earnings yearly. It is unjust that a government charge more taxes than God requires in tithe.

·        No currently functioning exceptions are allowed now or to be reinstated in the future. (i.e. farm subsidies, expenses of doing business, capital gains exemptions, etc.)

·         The United States government will distribute 3% of the taxes collected to the states, based upon the state’s population.

·         Respective states will retain 1.5% of tax monies received, and distribute 1.5% to counties or parishes.

·         Respective counties/parishes will retain .9% of tax monies received and distribute .6% to cities inside their counties.

·         As of the date of the acceptance of these theses, which is to be January 1 of the appointed year, all elected officials are immediately retired. No currently functioning agency, department, service, bureau, court or appointed official exists as of the date of acceptance of these theses.

·         Every recognized town, city and village in the United States will hold a meeting in November and appoint one honest, trusted citizen 40 years or older to attend a congress that will set a national budget based upon needs that cannot be met by the individual, the city, the county, or the state. From its members, the congress will elect a president, vice president, secretary and treasurer. One judge will be elected for every state, legal degrees not required, as legal precedent is abolished and wisdom and honesty are the only requirements.

·         This congress will be in effect for one year, from January 1 to December 31. Every November new appointees will be chosen for the following year.

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  1. You sound pretty ambitious, but I believe you've put some serious thought to all of this. Tell me, when do you plan the Constitutional Convention where this will all be put into a new constitution? I guess that depends on when you get the theses finished, eh?
    Hey, don't forget, once all is in order and functioning, that I knew you when…

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