Poor Self Image, or What I got from today’s sermon

Truth is, when you forget that God is crazy about you, you begin to act as if you don’t matter or you’re worthless. The methods for doing that are endless. Some people eat too much. Others eat too little. Some do unnatural things, like cut themselves or fool around with animals (and I don’t mean go clubbing with them). Some people pretend they’re invisible or assume others think they are. Some people put themselves down so they can get the drop on people who were going to.  I could go on, ad nauseum, but so that you won’t have to clean something up I’ll assume you’ve got the idea.

Since we are all on the spectrum of doing this, let us consider what to do. Mad activity motivated by a desire not to think about it is a poor choice. I be thinking that the antidote is going back to the truth.

God is crazy about you and you matter to Him. For example, He gave you a bellybutton to mark center and little toes for balance. He gave you sunrises and sunsets that just keep on comin’. He gave you the roar of the waves and the silence of falling snow. He gave you the ability to create new people to love. He gave you a whole book to help you know Him. He gave you the scent of roses and the acrid smell of sage. He gave you dulce de leche frozen yogurt and lobster with butter sauce. He gave you someone to tell secrets to. He gave you soft puppies and scratchy cow tongues. He gave you the security of His presence and the joy of having a purpose in this life. And if all that weren’t enough, He gave you Jesus, to explain Him to you, love you beyond anything and pay with His innocent death for all your screwups – past, present and future. You are the creation of Love and He is crazy about you.

Now next time you forget it, you can open the Book or come on back here and take another look.

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