Following God

I am practicing following God instead of looking over my shoulder asking, “Is this good?” This works first thing in the morning, sometimes. I talk with Him, read the word, feel like we’re on a roll, eat a healthy breakfast.
Then a couple of hours later, I’m looking over my shoulder again. What is up with that? It’s my proclivity (good word, don’t you think?) for considering myself the center of the universe. Do you see the humor in that? A little speck, in a little city, in a little country that also considers itself the center of the universe, on a little planet, revolving around one of a gazillion stars in a gazillion galaxies – and I think I’m the center of the universe. I’m quite certain about this, especially when someone in a car near mine makes a traffic oops. I’m telling him/her what I think of them when they can’t even hear me. Which is probably a good thing.
This following God thing takes a lot of practice. When I realize I’ve gone off on my own again, sometimes I stop and ask for redirection. Sometimes I plunge headlong into a temper tantrum that sends those about me running for cover. And I am no longer eight years old. I am a year older than I was last year. Me and Paul are in agreement that what I wish to do I don’t.
Now, since I attempt to put a little hope in these blogs, I need to find a big finish. Never, ever give up. That’s it. Satan would like me to think I’m a hopeless case, and will never get it right. I was talking to my grandson the other day, who was pretty convinced he’s a hopeless case. I said, “It’s about Jesus. He makes us everyting we are once we’ve committed our lives to Him. If we screw up, He’s still there to pick us up. If we do well, He’s giving it the yeehaw! He’s totally, 100%, for us. We are loved, accepted and given a reason to live by Him.” So with a dose of my own, well God’s, medicine, I can say to myself, “It doesn’t matter how many times you have to start over and give the reins back to Him. Just do it, Nike. God loves you. Pay no attention to the man in black who says you’ll never get it right. You won’t, this side of Heaven, and it’s OK.”
Have a great week, and keep practicing.

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