While attending a Christian writer’s conference this weekend, I got to thinking about Christians as people. There aren’t any perfect ones, but each one has the Spirit of God inside, and that makes them shine.
One lady sang the prayer before we ate. Sang it. In a beautiful voice. I wanted to take her home with me. Another shared her misgivings about the “three million hours of marriage and family therapist internship” she is facing. I like that Christians are transparent about misgivings. Another asked for prayer for a young woman she has only met on the internet. You don’t have to be somebody close or famous to get Christians to pray for you. Another was flummoxed because she wants everyone to see Jesus in the poor and the suffering and do something for them, and we don’t as often as she’d like. What a great thing to get irritated about.
There were lots of moments like that this weekend.
I’m glad I got to go. Each thing or person God puts in our lives like that changes us for the better. Criminy, by the time He takes me home, I’ll have a whole bag full of those times and people. What a blessing.

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