A person who is serious all the time gets boils on their butt. Neverending, painful, humiliating boils. Therefor, all of us must be ridiculous at least once a week. Here’s mine.
There was this relatively old woman, who was disgusted by the fact that she was developing various critical physical issues. So she decided to ignore them all. She sat down and wrote a bucket list designed to do everything she’d like to, but couldn’t do anymore. Here’s her list:
1. Climb Mt. Hood, all the way to the top
2. Eat a banana split, a 5 lb. box of Sees and drink a root beer float, all at the same time, well maybe one right after the other
3. Kneel at the entrance of the queen of England
4. Run the Bay to Breakers
5. Sky dive above Tahiti
6. Surf Hawaii
7. Jump rope better than my grandkids
8. Do a somersault at a city council meeting
9. Bicycle across the whole United States
10. Go on a cruise of the Mediterranean without getting seasick
Stay tuned for the serious bucket list, to be posted at a later date.

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