If you want your writing to matter, put God at the center

She begins to wax philosophical … Scripture suggests that the average woman has 70 years to live. Assuming the first 18 are spent on educating yourself, discovering your strengths and hopefully developing a relationship with Jesus Christ, that leaves 58, if my math is working. Given that 1/3 of those 58 years is spent sleeping, if you are taking good care of yourself, that leaves 39 years to use for what you deem important. For me writing is up near the top of the list, but before that comes family and educating children. I spend 180 days of every year, 8.25 hours of those days on educating children. Lemme’ see, this math is getting more complicated. Say that’s 1/3 of 180 days in a 365 day year. And as an aside, let me say that God is at the center of me educating children, even though I teach in public school, in so many ways it’s for another blog. So that’s 60 days, which is about 1/6 of each year, which leaves me 5/6 for family and writing, etc. My belabored point is that if I write drivel, unthought through words without God at the center, I am wasting precious time. Therefor, to be an honest woman, writer I need to analyze my stories for where God is in them. And if he is not, then they’re no different than mindlessly watching TV or playing video games. If you aren’t a writer, you’re wondering what this has to do with you. Just this, what you spend your time on needs to acknowledge God, at the center. Your life is short. And I love you!

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