Fear of Fame

I have a feeling that Toughnut Angel will soon publish somewhere. My first feelings are delight and excitement and anticipation. However, closely following upon their heels are feelings born of the thought that Nellie’s story will bring fame into my life. I do not desire fame. Fame takes away privacy and adds people who think you know everything about everything. I don’t even remember everything I’ve learned about Nellie, much less anything else. So fear is my next feeling. I follow that with a prayer requesting that God not give me fame.
However, there is no situation God cannot handle. I doubt that He will give me what I ask this time, about the no fame thing. I think He may be stretching my horizons, at 64 cotton picking years old. He’s like that. Just when you think you’ve got life figured out, He shows you the zillion things you don’t know spit about. I could kick and scream and insist, and He would give me what I’m kicking and screaming about, or back off me until I grow up.
However, I will not kick and scream. I’ve pulled that before, and it comes out badly. I have no idea where we’re headed, God and me and Nellie, but I trust God. If He leads me into the fearsome forest of fame, He will not drop me off to fend for myself. He will walk with me, and I will remain His kid. It will be OK. Jane, do you hear me, it will be ok! If you are looking at possibilities in life that put you in fear mode, all this about God is true for you, too, as long as you let Him lead. Have a good week.